You know you're a blogger when...

Having a blog is fun and exciting stuff, but serious at the same time. Lots of hard work, hours in front of the post editor, computer crashes because of the enormous amount of images you've stored... Fortunately, starting a blog it's one of the best things that have happened to most bloggers. I can't imagine how it'd be like not having a blog nowadays.

Here are a list of the effects of being a blogger:

You know you're a fashion blogger when...
- Your friends tell you to blog about something.
- It's 2AM and you're writing a post.
- You're thinking about new post ideas 24 hours a day.
- You have had to learn on your own how to use: HTML, CSS, SEO techniques, Blogger, Google Analytics, Wordpress, Typepad, Livewriter, Photoshop...
- You have to know how to take good photographs too.
- You follow more than 60 blogs.
- You have four (or more) email accounts: the personal one, the one for work, one for the blog, one that you opened ages ago and don't remember the password...
- You feel guilty when you haven't updated in two days.
- Your friends can't understand that you work on something that takes you more than two hours a day, for free.
- You read a fashion magazine and you've already seen 99% of the celebrity pics and trends on other blogs.
- You can't avoid examining everyone's look and when you see a cool outfit, you feel the urge to photograph them to share it with your readers.
- You already know what's in the stores without going shopping.
- You don't remember what you used to do on your spare time when you didn't have a blog.
- Holidays don't exist. You feel that you have to update your blog even if you're in the North Pole.
- No internet connection: apocalypse.

via Miss at la Playa