Floating House

Located near a small island on Lake Huron in Canada, this unusual vacationhouse is accessible only by boat. Designed by MOS architects, the house floats on steel pontoons which allow it to fluctuate along with the lake when water levels change.
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Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray

This ice cube tray molds your ice to look like fish, which would look cool floating in your glass, and even cooler floating in a punch bowl. Buy it here.
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The Whole Story Album

If you are looking for an original photo album then The Whole Story might be what you are looking for. The album stands as a display object, you can flip through the photos inside it like any other album, or you can remove the binding to expand the photos, allowing you to view them as a whole story. Buy it here ($180)

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Creative and Unusual Shopping Bags

The most creative and unique shopping bag designs from all over the world.

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TiltShift Van Gogh

Artist Serena Malyon adds tilt-shift photography effects to Van Gogh's famous paintings! Using Photoshop, she manipulated the light and adjusted the focus to make us see these paintings in ways we could have never imagined. Amazingly, nothing in these paintings was changed, added or removed.

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Junk Portraits

Zac Freeman collects junk, found objects and trash which he combines to create portraits. Up close, the pieces look like crap cobbled together; when viewed from afar, the work is quite compelling.

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Mini Laptop Riser

Mini Riser is the most compact laptop riser you'll come across. Made from bendable wire that makes it adjustable to fit any laptop, and features rubber bumpers that hold your laptop and the stand securely in place. You can buy it from here.

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Pine Furniture Sculptures

By Korean artist Jae Hyo Lee, these furniture pieces/sculptures are made of chopped pieces of pine wood. The wood pieces are brought together and crafted to make this powerful yet simple pieces of art.

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High Heels Speakers

For all your fashionistas out there! Get them here.

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