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I want to show you a site which is different from any other.
I loved it the moment I saw it!

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     Who: troublemaker, creator of www.sofiegoestomoscow.com
     What’s on your mind: sea, sex and sun.
     Location: Moscow, Vlasta’s place.

     Who: fitness instructor and mum of three kids.
     What’s on your mind: as usual, family and work.
     Location: Moscow, Atrium fitness centre.

     Who: personal assistant, specializing in international relations, unpredictable and happy person.
     What’s on your mind: want to learn more this world.
     Location: Moscow, Bublik cafe.

     Who: future specialist in international relations, video maker and photographer, windsurfer, sea-addicted.
     What’s on your mind: photography, exams, sea, my girlfriend, summer trip to the seaside.
     Location: Prague, Cafe~Cafe.

     Who: service director at iCoretel and founder of several internet projects and big fashion lover.
     What’s on your mind: to create and deliver new relevant services to the customers.
     Location: Moscow, Coffeemania at Komsomolskyi av.

     Who: creator of Kremlin, I Love You, acting journalist. writer & coconut.
     What’s on your mind: texts, sea and some lust.
     Location: Moscow, Bar Strelka.

     Who: sculptor, artist in many meanings of this word.
     What’s on your mind: thinking that besides work there is always just simple life, and that sometimes life turns into work and work into life, so let it be art.
     Location: San Francisco, the roof at Pasha’s place.

     Who: Gagarin in the mask of Tolyan.
     What’s on your mind: global study of the concept of hegemony of the world.
     Location: Moscow, Ragout.

all pics via zazavtra.com

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  1. Преkрасна селекция, много сладко се е получило така. А Толя и Миша...ще ги изям! :D