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The Hermès vest, Chanel belt and Vuitton bag all came from the same source: Mom. Over time, she's given me some wonderful pieces. And at least they’re still in the family if she ever wants them back.
Vest, Hermès; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Belt, Chanel

More Prada. The orange top is from a few seasons back and the shades were a recent purchase from the Soho shop. I don't actually plan on wearing them anytime soon. I think of them as an objet d'art. And when I have a costume party to attend in thirty years, I'll be ready.
All, Prada

I bought both pin and pump in the same season; one is Prada and the other Miu Miu but the teal is identical. The 'grass' is actually a Prada scarf from Miuccia's FW07 season. As for the Hermès hard hat, it was an ingenious giveaway when the new Toronto boutique on Bloor opened but the building was still under construction.
Shoe and Scarf, Prada; Hat, Hermès; Pin, Miu Miu

These sapphire blue Jimmy Choo heels were a prize for competing in a 'runway walk-off' hosted by Holt Renfrew and judged by Jay Alexander from Top Model. According to the manager at Ilori in Toronto, these indigo shades were specially ordered for rocker Geddy Lee. Until I move to Paris, I surround myself with cheesy mementos. At least this striped Eiffel Tower came from a recent Colette installation. My mother wore the medallion necklace when she was a teenager.
Shoes, Jimmy Choo; Glasses, Custom; Necklace, Vintage

For my 30th birthday, my sister Jane bought a bunch of vintage brooches and pinned them onto a basic black purse. So creative! I've since worn them separately with various outfits. But altogether, I think they make a statement cooler than any It bag.
Bag, Unknown Designer; Brooches, Vintage

Little did the Coveteur gals know that this vignette represents all my maternal loved-ones: my mother, both grandmothers and my great aunt Rose who wore the beaded top in the fifties. The Celine bag is from Monaco and was a gift to my late grandmother from my parents.
Top, Vintage; Bag, Celine; Brooch, Vintage

The jacket is a hand-me-down from my mother. My sister gave me the Patrick Kelly pins. I think she may still have some of his whimsical dice and pompom dresses.
Jacket, Vintage Chanel; Shoes, Christian Louboutin; Pins, Patrick Kelly

The shoe is set atop a stamp book that has been passed down through my father’s family. The collection spans Palestine, Serbia, Cyprus and more.
Shoe, Miu Miu

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