DIY: Bolo Tie

Many years ago, we might have shunned the idea of wearing bolos but nowadays we couldn’t be more obsessed with these western neckties! You’ll need a cutting board, a sharp knife, drill, a tapered stopper cork, super glue, 40 inches of leather or suede cord, a button earring, a open-acorn push nut, and a pair of closed-acorn push nuts.
Start by cutting about 1/3 of the cork off, lengthwise. Drill two holes at an angle on the top side of the cork, exiting out the same centered hole on the opposite side. Run the drill through the holes a few times in order to clean out any excess cork. Thread each end of the leather cord through the top of the cork, pulling the ends out the bottom.
Thread both ends of the cord through the open acorn nut, using a safety pin to help thread it through. Push the acorn nut flush against the bottom of the cork. Cap the tips of the cord by filling the insides of each of the closed nuts with super glue and twisting the tips into them. Decorate the bolo by sticking an earring or brooch into the center of the cork.
And this is it!
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